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Optimum and SAP Analytics Cloud Services

As organizations today focus on developing a modern data supply chain that delivers actionable analytics insights, Optimum Consulting and SAP provide a roadmap to guide the development of self-service business intelligence capabilities with visual data discovery solutions based on SAP Analytics Cloud.

The business intelligence evolution is trending toward increased autonomy and advanced data visualization. Business users across data-driven enterprises want analytics capabilities that empower them to independently and quickly explore, create and analyze content to produce and share meaningful analytics insights from both structured and unstructured data. Optimum Consulting offers comprehensive set of Business Intelligence services powered by SAP’s suite of Business Objects Applications to help the clients harness structured enterprise data to improve decision-making, manage various business processes effectively including – Sales, Supply Chain, Financial management, Regulatory compliance and Customer service.

SAP Analytics Cloud QuickStart (2 Days)

Develop your first story with your own production data in couple of hours.

Training & Workshops:

Optimum Consulting is a SAP partner offering a full spectrum of SAP training services much needed for supporting the development of enterprise strategies. Our SAP training courses are designed to help individuals/organizations to constantly develop their technical skills to solve real time business problems with innovative solutions. Our mission is to help aspiring individuals to actively practice and develop key SAP skills for multiple industries. A “SAP learning-by-doing” that we believe will develop capabilities, accelerate the growth of individuals and help the organization thrive.

SAP Analytics Cloud  Workshop (Typical duration: 2 days)

We explain the functions and the functioning of SAP Analytics Cloud, providing an assessment of the software solution at the same time. We also illustrate the business benefits of the solution and can provide an application recommendation based on your requirements.

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Why Optimum Consulting for SAP Analytics Cloud Services:

  • Strong expertise in SAP BusinessObjects BI Product & Technology: SAP’s implementation partner for SAP BusinessObjects BI tools; In-depth expertise in BI/BW. Having pool of experts with strong experience in SAP BI 4.x
  • Mobility & Innovation Lab: Expertise in implementing solutions for various Mobile/Handhelds and integration of SAP BusinessObjects BI with other third party applications.
  • Strong business domain experience: Consultants having diversified industry experience viz Manufacturing, CPG, Retail, Life Sciences, Banking
  • Practitioners as consultants: 100+ years of combined supply chain expertise. Consultants with expertise in SAP BI BO, SAP BO EPM areas
  • Implementation & Support Model: Effective & cost efficient delivery models aligned to customer’s needs